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4-16-14 : Surplus Counter Tops

More A-grade laminate kitchen counter tops. Price is still $9-$10/running foot

4-11-14 : Surplus Vinyl Windows

150 windows of various sizes and styles.  The online inventory now includes these new windows.

4-8-14 : Surplus Kitchen Counter Tops

A nice selection of A-grade counter tops, all 10' and 12' long.  More are on the way in the next week or two.  The price is $9-$10/running foot.

4-1-14 : More Surplus Cabinetry

Another 150+ cabinets, all the same style we received last week.  We have a nice inventory of the same Chestnut color cabinets, but hurry in as they are selling fast.

3-25-14 : Surplus Kitchen Cabinets

Over 200+ Armstrong Coronet Chestnut surplus cabinets.  More are on the way. 

Timberlake Hardwood Flooring

Five different styles of hardwood flooring... four maples and an oak.  Nice finishes and good lengths of boards. The price is $3.50/sq. ft.  Pictures available below.

Sliding Glass Doors

High-end sliding patio doors intended for high-rises in Chicago. Doors measure approx. 140" wide and 90" tall.  Three glass panels, re-enforced and designed for high winds, are included with each unit and the middle panel is active.  These are heavy-duty, commercial grade doors and we have 20+ units in-stock.  (5 Units Remaining)

New Arrivals

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